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Du Weimin, supporting the release of the Vaccine Management Law and building a firewall for the health of the people

Du Weimin, supporting the release of the Vaccine Management Law and building a firewall for the health of the people

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  Recently, the "Vaccine Management Law" was passed at the 11th meeting of the 13th NPC Standing Committee. This is the first special legislation in China in the field of vaccine management, and the regulation will take effect on December 1, 2019.

It is reported that the "Vaccine Administration Law" proposes that the state implement the strictest management system for vaccines, and proposes special systems and regulations for the entire process of vaccine development, production, distribution, and vaccination.



  The new law of the vaccine industry has arrived, how will listed companies respond? On June 28, Du Weimin, chairman and president of Kangtai Bio, said at the groundbreaking ceremony of Kangtai Bio ’s new headquarters base, Kangtai Bio supported the country to strengthen vaccine production, circulation, and vaccination The management of the whole process has made sufficient preparations to welcome the formal implementation of the Vaccine Management Law and jointly build a firewall for the lives and health of the people.

According to Du Weimin, as the leader in the vaccine field, Kangtai Biotech participated in the "Vaccine Management Law" at the beginning of its legislation. In mid-November of last year, it also proposed amending opinions on the "Vaccine Management Law Consultation Draft". He said that Kangtai Biology has already established a vaccine information traceability system, the whole industry chain implements the concept of "quality is life", and the company's approval rate for hepatitis B vaccine is 100%.



  Before the approval of the Vaccine Management Law, on April 18, 2019, Kangtai Biology, as one of the sponsors, jointly held the "Guangdong Province Vaccine Industry Self-Regulation Mechanism Establishment Meeting" with two other vaccine manufacturers in Guangdong Province. The "Guangdong Provincial Vaccine Industry Self-Regulatory Organization" was established and the "Vaccine Self-Regulatory Agreement" was jointly signed, advocating the establishment of a new pattern of "co-construction, co-governance and sharing" of social governance in the vaccine industry. The signing place of the self-regulatory agreement was at the headquarter of Kangtai Biology, relevant leaders of Guangdong Drug Administration and Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration witnessed together.

It is reported that the "Vaccine Management Law" encourages vaccine manufacturers to produce and export vaccines in accordance with international procurement requirements. Du Weimin revealed that as early as February 2018, Minhai Biology, a subsidiary of Kangtai Biology, had exported 1 million doses of measles vaccine concentrate to the National Institute of Health in Pakistan.
Earlier this year, Minhai Biology again supplied 1 million doses of measles vaccine concentrate to Pakistan, and Minhai Biology became the first enterprise to export measles vaccine concentrate to Pakistan. In addition, in order to allow ethnic vaccines to enter the international market more, Kangtai Biotech's multiple production plants in Shenzhen and Beijing are actively conducting international demonstrations.


  In terms of improving hardware conditions, Kangtai Biology has also made repeated moves. At the recent groundbreaking ceremony of Kangtai Bio ’s new headquarters base, Du Weimin revealed that the base will be built as a complex integrating R & D, incubation, office and display, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan and an area of 17,300 square meters, including A 37-story R & D building.



  In October 2018, Kangtai Biological Global Vaccine R & D and Production Base, which cost 850 million and covers an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters, was officially opened. The base is the largest vaccine production monomer building in Asia, providing a good environment for vaccine research and development, safe production, inspection, and storage.

In the industry, Kangtai Bio also has the reputation of "strong R & D strength and rich R & D pipelines", and has recently been awarded a "buy" rating by many brokers. In early December 2018, Kangtai Biology announced that it had been approved by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association to establish an academician workstation. 2017 National Highest Science and Technology Award winner, academician Hou Yunde, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, became a pit stop academician and chief scientist of Kangtai Biology Innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness. Up to now, Kangtai Bio has owned a number of national key laboratories and R & D bases, established 8 academician expert workstations and other R & D carriers, formed a "South Kangtai, Beiminhai" R & D structure, and undertaken the National Torch Plan and 863 major Special scientific research topics have comprehensively improved the company's innovation capability and R & D level.
Kangtai Biotech, like many traditional enterprises with national health, has been working hard in silence and has nothing to do with publicity. After more than 30 years of development, it has become a national high-tech enterprise with a full range of R & D varieties, rich product lines, and obvious technical advantages. It has a decisive position on the front. With only one hepatitis B vaccine, Kangtai has accumulated and sold more than 1 billion doses, helping more than 300 million people get rid of hepatitis B virus.