Throughthirteen yearsCompany of biomedical fields

A health oriented modern science and technology enterprises, efforts to build a national health protection of the Great Wall, with independent intellectual property rights, domestic initiation quadruple vaccine, grasps the world vaccine international cutting-edge technology commanding height of science and technologyThe vaccine companies.24 items in vaccine research, four of them have applied for the national drug production approval documents registered, eight have been approved for clinical, three has applied for clinical research, 9 are before conducting clinical research.Company is located inDaxing district of Beijing zhongguancun science park, daxing biomedical industry base, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, the scale of investment 903 million yuan, covers an area of 235 mu.

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Management advantages

Quality management covers from product development, trial production, raw materials procurement

Technical advantages

With strong technology, the company has a domestic leading new vaccine research

Resource advantage

Existing area of 3900 square meters, of which the purification area of 2200 square meters

Team advantage

Professional research and development personnel more than 100 people, including a number of core technical staff responsible