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Address: No. 35, Simiao Road, Daxing Biomedical Industrial Base, Zhongguancun Science Park, Daxing District, Beijing
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A company in the field of biomedicine that has gone through 15 years

A modern health-oriented science and technology enterprise, an international vaccine enterprise striving to build the Great Wall of National Health Protection, possessing domestic independent intellectual property rights quadruple vaccine and grasping the forefront of the world's vaccine technology. There are 25 vaccines under study, 5 of which have applied for national drug production registration approvals, 9 have obtained clinical approvals, 1 has applied for clinical research, and 10 are under preclinical research. The company is located in Daxing Biomedical Industrial Base, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Daxing District, Beijing. The registered capital is 770 million yuan and the investment scale is nearly 1.9 billion yuan. The first phase covers an area of 100 mu and has been completed.




15 years of development

The sales coverage is wide

Engaged in research and development of vaccines in the field of biomedicine

Management advantages

Quality management covers the entire process from product development, trial production, raw and auxiliary materials procurement, product production process, inspection, storage and shipping of finished products

The company is strong in technology and owns a domestic leading new vaccine research and development center.

Technical advantages

Registered capital of 770 million yuan, total area of 235 acres, R & D center has an area of 3900 square meters, with various purification and verification equipment

Resource advantage

Team Advantage

There are more than 50 middle-level management personnel and more than 100 full-time R & D personnel, of which many core technical personnel participate in multiple "863" national key research projects





R & D and innovation have achieved great results, making vaccines beneficial to the people
Daxing District is the first municipal project approved to start construction preparation letter, which is the international industrial base of new type vaccine for human sea organisms
Disseminate vaccine knowledge to thousands of households,Kangtai Biology, the parent company of Minhai Biology, became China's first vaccine science base
Minhai Biology was included in the 2019 Beijing Private Enterprises Top 100 Technology Innovation List
Pneumonia "nemesis": Minhai Biological 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine successfully launched
Description and public disclosure of the public participation in the environmental impact assessment of the construction project of Minhai Biological New Vaccine International Industrial Base (Phase 1)
Solicitation of the construction project of Minhai Biological New Vaccine International Industrial Base (Phase I)
Public opinion form for environmental impact assessment of construction projects
Construction of Minhai Biological New Vaccine International Industrial Base (Phase I) Project Information disclosure of the first environmental impact assessment
Beijing Minhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. vaccine circulation record announcement
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