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  Biotechnology and information technology are the core technologies of world science and technology in the 21st century. As the backbone of China's vaccine industry, Minhai has always prioritized responsibility and mission. Through hard work, it has gathered a group of industry elites who are determined to develop rapidly and innovatively in China's vaccine industry. Minhai firmly grasps the commanding heights of the world's forefront of vaccine technology and builds a great wall of health protection for the nation. The employees of Minhai generally have a bachelor degree or above, and decades of industry R & D and production experience. They are pragmatic, pragmatic, and innovative. To realize the industrialization of one vaccine product after another, to serve the people; to integrate science and technology and industrial industry into their own business. From the workshop laboratory at the beginning of its establishment, Minhai has developed into a large-scale professional enterprise with hundreds of technical backbones and nearly 600 employees engaged in vaccine R & D and manufacturing. The quality system of Minhai efficiently absorbs the advantages of the quality management system model of the US FDA and the EU, strictly implements the new national GMP standard, comprehensively digests and absorbs the comprehensive R & D and industrialization management experience of related products of Merck and Pasteur of the United States, and explores A vaccine development road with an international vision, in line with China's national conditions, and with R & D as a guide and efficient industrialization has emerged.

Minhai's products include the domestic 863 project achievement transformation project-a cell-free H. influenzae type b combined vaccine with completely independent intellectual property rights, a gold standard exclusively introduced from Sanofi Pasteur, France-people Diploid cell rabies vaccine and Dutch INTRAVACC inactivated polio vaccine and other products. We are working closely with a number of strategic partners including the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Developing Countries Vaccine Alliance (DCVMN) to explore new areas of high-end vaccine development.
It is this great era that has given our company the opportunity to flourish, creating a well-known Chinese brand in the field of vaccine development and production in the world. Let China's vaccine products not only serve the people of China, but also serve all mankind. We do our utmost to work tirelessly, treat technology with the most rigorous attitude, and treat product quality. Minhai has a simple but persistent corporate culture. "No accommodation, no fluke, no procrastination, down-to-earth work, honest work" is our basic criteria for making technology and products. Minhai has always had a firm goal, a solid pace of development, and realized the ideal of "serving the world, benefiting the people, and enjoying every river".


Du Weimin-Chairman
Business founder