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Industry News
Lung problems are a big problem! Children, the elderly, pregnant women must be alert to pneumonia!
In winter, there is a high incidence of pneumonia, elderly children, pregnant women, etc. have been shot.
The Food and Drug Administration released three standards including "Basic Data Set for Vaccine Traceability"
On August 26, the State Food and Drug Administration issued three informatization standards: Basic Vaccine Traceability Data Set, Basic Technical Requirements for Vaccine Traceability Data Exchange, and Basic Technical Requirements for Drug Traceability System.
Recombinant shingles vaccine approved for listing
Farewell to the three-needle era, a new strategy for adult hepatitis B vaccine
Vaccine, fight or not? The voices uploaded by these two sessions are dry goods
Vaccinemanagementlegislationwillbepromoted! OnthemorningofMarch4,thesecondsessionofthe13thNationalPeople's
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