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Cultural philosophy
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Enterprise tenet: create better vaccines and benefit human health
Corporate mission: the goal is to be an "expert in vaccine manufacturing" and an "ambassador of life and health", to provide fair and equitable employment opportunities for talents at all levels of society, and provide superior welfare treatment
Enterprise Vision: Minhai will build a company of quality and safety, essential benefits, technological innovation, resource conservation and harmonious development. In the near future, the company will be built into a domestic first-class, internationally renowned large biopharmaceutical multinational group
Entrepreneurial spirit: hard work, perseverance, concerted effort, pioneering spirit, self-improvement
Corporate values: people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence. Integrity, efficiency, innovation, cohesion
Corporate Talent View: Excellent moral character, physical and mental health, professional diligence, continuous innovation, talent is our first important resource
Corporate Responsibility: Initiative, Duty, Hardworking, Diligence, Willingness to Learn, No Delay, No Fluke, No Accommodation
Enterprise problem view: seeing problems is the biggest problem; finding problems is level, solving problems is ability, ignoring problems is negligence, and avoiding problems is dereliction of duty
Corporate motto: be honest and be honest