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Campus Recruiting
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1. Marketing (Deputy) Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Formulate marketing strategies and marketing models according to the company's marketing objectives, and organize implementation and improvement;
2. Responsible for the formulation of product strategies, and formulate development plans for company marketing and market development;
3. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of product academic promotion programs;
4. Responsible for the formulation and management of product prices;
5. Responsible for market research, normal analysis of market dynamics, industry changes, competitors, and ensure the market position of corporate brands;
6. Responsible for the construction and management of the marketing team, formulating systems and work processes and the assessment of the marketing team
7. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the expert database, responsible for the organization and implementation of large-scale academic activities;
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business management, medicine, etc .;
2. At least 8 years of work experience, at least 5 years of management experience, working in biological products, pharmaceutical industry and familiar with the operation of disease control system is preferred;
3. Familiar with the market dynamics, understand the changes in market demand, be good at formulating marketing strategies and price policies, and be able to propose various contingency measures according to the needs of market competition;
4. Strong organizational ability, judgment ability, negotiation ability and adaptability, flexible response, alert handling and efficiency;
5. Strong coordination ability and data analysis ability.
2. Manager (Deputy) of the Ministry of Commerce
Job Responsibilities:
1. According to the company's strategic planning, formulate the department's annual work plan and monthly work plan reasonably, and control the annual budget;
2. Implement various assessments and evaluations of agents, work management and assessment of regional managers and provincial managers;
3. Formulate annual, quarterly, and monthly delivery and payment plans according to marketing objectives, and organize implementation and supervision;
4. Responsible for checking and managing accounts with customers;
5. Responsible department staff training and guidance.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business management, finance, etc .;
2. More than 5 years of work experience and 3 years of management experience, priority in the biological products and pharmaceutical industry;
3. Familiar with ERP management software, can optimize the process;
4. Ability to have a keen market perception and grasp market dynamics and market direction.
3. Medical (Deputy) Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the management of medical affairs, organize and carry out the medical information communication of key customers (KOL / KDM), and have accumulated rich practical experience in the generation and exchange of medical information / data.
2. Responsible for clinical trials and program design, formulate clinical trial plans for vaccines after marketing, and establish good cooperative relations with national, provincial and municipal disease prevention and control centers.
3. Responsible for formulating the clinical research plan, clinical research plan, clinical trial application and registration / re-registration application of new vaccines.
4. Provide medical support to provide medical support for the pre- and post-marketing of vaccines, including participating in the formulation of market strategies, cooperation project negotiations, bidding / publication materials writing / medical review, training support, etc. The company's vaccine products provide strong clinical research data support.
5. Responsible for post-marketing pharmacovigilance of vaccine products and assisting in the medical treatment of adverse reactions.
job requirements:
1. Master degree or above, major in medicine such as preventive medicine, epidemiology and health statistics, with national and provincial disease control center working experience is preferred;
2. Deep professional knowledge of vaccine products, team management, good communication skills, etc .;
3. Have a high degree of work enthusiasm and good team management skills, strong management skills and communication and coordination skills.
4. Vaccine testing R & D staff
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development of new vaccine product quality control methods
job requirements:
1. Master degree or above, majors in biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, etc., excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable;
2. Possess professional knowledge and experimental operation skills in immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cytology, etc .;
3. Proficiency in reading English materials, independent development of vaccine content, impurities and activity detection methods;
4. Good communication skills and written expression ability, those with similar work experience in biological products enterprises are preferred.
5. Biochemical Experimenter
Job Responsibilities:
1. Test the total sugar content, total fat content, protein content, HBsAg content, bacterial endotoxin content, and DNA residual content;
2. Preparation and calibration biochemical test operation rules;
3. Responsible for biochemical experiment operation rules;
4. Responsible for the management of biochemical testing equipment.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in biochemistry, molecular biology, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc .;
2. Relevant work experience in the pharmaceutical industry and biochemical inspection operation experience are preferred.
6. Vaccine production technician
Job Responsibilities:
1. Proficient in the technical operation and equipment use of vaccine production;
2. Strictly implement GMP, product process regulations and various related SOPs;
3. Fill in various records in a timely and accurate manner during the production process;
4. Responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation of relevant production areas.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in biotechnology, pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparation, etc .;
2. Relevant work experience, familiar with the production operation specifications of the clean room of the pharmaceutical factory is preferred;
3. Solid work, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated;
4. Healthy and free from infectious diseases, able to adapt to shift work.
7. Quality Supervisor
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for production site quality supervision and batch record review.
2. Participate in the formulation of quality management systems.
3. Participate in the management of deviation investigation, change control and corrective and preventive measures.
4. Participate in the analysis and review of quality information.
5. Participate in complaint investigation and self-inspection.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in biology and medicine, with more than 2 years of QA or production related work experience preferred
2. Familiar with GMP and drug related regulations;
3. Possess good communication skills, analysis and investigation skills;
4. Good language organization and writing skills.