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Minhai Biology's 2019 "Beautiful Lights Up Life" DIY Handmade Floral Activity

Minhai Biology's 2019 "Beautiful Lights Up Life" DIY Handmade Floral Activity

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  In order to celebrate the "March 8" International Women's Day, the Minhai Biological Trade Union launched a "Beautiful Light Up Life" DIY hand-made floral lecture experience in the multifunctional hall on the second floor of the company cafeteria on the morning of March 8. The beautiful life tastes of the employees "knowing beauty", "love beauty", "shang beauty" and "recognizing beauty" will further enhance the quality of life of the female employees and live a healthy, happy, warm and memorable and meaningful holiday.



  Spring breeze blowing, fragrant flowers, more than 50 female employees came to the event with great interest. Wu Chengyu, vice chairman of the company's trade union, on behalf of the company's executives such as General Manager Du and Yuan, wished everyone a happy Goddess Day and gave the opening speech. Afterwards, senior gardening technician Mr. Ye gave you a lecture on flower arrangement.



  Mr. Ye started with the maintenance of daily flowers and attracted the attention of the students present, starting from the aspects of pruning, flower selection, matching, and styling design. From time to time, a series of flower arrangement techniques and attention points were interspersed, and a live demonstration and interaction were conducted.





  The female employees are full of interest. Under the guidance of the teacher, they voluntarily squander their imagination and creativity, play a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, trim the flower branches, organize the flower sticks, discuss the position and color matching of the poles with each other, Beautiful works that condensed imagination are presented in front of everyone. Everyone's face is filled with happiness and sense of accomplishment, and they hold flowers to leave their most beautiful moments. Among them, QC An Lingling, R & D center Li Fenghua and Xu Suxia were awarded the first, second and third prizes of this DIY handmade floral activity.




  "Beautiful light up life" DIY hand-made floral activities not only let the female employees feel the charm of the flower arrangement art in the overflow of flowers, but also add a beautiful scenery to the festival. In addition to DIY handmade floral training, the company's labor union also carefully prepared holiday gifts for each female employee.

Through this series of March 8 activities, it not only eased the work pressure of female employees, cultivated sentiment, but also increased the cohesion of female employees, and improved the sense of belonging and happiness of employees.