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Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baibai Po

Quadruple vaccine is an ideal alternative to Baibai Po

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  Why is the quadruple vaccine an ideal alternative to Baibai Po? The reasons are as follows:

1. The comparison of AEFI test data as shown in the figure: the incidence of adverse reactions of planned immunization with Baibai Po is higher than that of Baibai Po HIB vaccine.



  2. The world's only particle size technology adopted by Quadruple is more secure.

Effect of the particle size of aluminum hydroxide adsorbent in Baibaibai vaccine on vaccine antigen and vaccination response
Aluminum hydroxide is the only human immune vaccine adjuvant approved by the US FDA. 【Functions and uses】 The production and use of aluminum adjuvants mainly experience two environments, one is the adsorption environment of the adjuvant to the antigen vaccine, and the other It is the interstitial fluid environment after injection. Among them is the adsorption of the adjuvant to the antigen vaccine. Aluminum hydroxide mainly relies on electrostatic attraction.


The blue above represents the particle size of the traditional technology aluminum adjuvant, the red represents the particle size of the United States Jitai vaccine, the only new technology aluminum adjuvant in the world, and the blue dot is the antigen.
[Impact on the amount of antigen] It can be seen from the figure that under the same quality of aluminum adjuvant, the number of new technology aluminum adsorbent particles is greater, which will adsorb more blue antigen, so that the antigen adsorbed by a unit amount of vaccine adjuvant The higher the amount, the higher the antibody positive conversion rate, giving the child a higher quality of protection.
[Protection and the effects of adverse reactions] The small particle size of the new technology makes the gap between each particle smaller. After inoculation, the body will form a tight "antigen library", which slowly releases the antigen and fully extends it. The duration of action of the antigen. At the same time, the gap between the smaller particle sizes is smaller, which will reduce the exudation of interstitial fluid, thereby reducing local redness, induration and other adverse reactions.
Third, the antigen extraction method is different, the separate extraction method used by the quadruple, the antigen purity is higher.
Planned immunization: the mixed antigen extraction technology: mixed extraction of PT and FHA from the culture medium
Disadvantages: The purity of the antigen is low, it is not easy to control the proportion of antigen, and the difference between batches is large.
Quadruple vaccine: Separate antigen extraction technology: Separately extract PT and FHA from the culture liquid, and then mix according to a certain ratio.
Advantages: Antigen purity is high, it can be mixed in proportion, and the antigen content is easy to control.
Fourth, the preparation process is different: as shown in the figure, the ultrafiltration process used by the quadruple is superior to the planned immunization dialysis process, which reduces the operation time. The material liquid is operated in a closed environment to avoid exposure, reduce risk, and safety Sexuality is higher.


"Chinese Journal of Biological Products" pointed out

1 The titre of the ultrafiltration process (11.166IU / ml) is higher than that of the dialysis purified raw solution (9.211IU / ml),
2 Ultrafiltration method is more efficient in removing the pigments of detoxification agents (can be completed within 3 hours, dialysis method takes 5-7 days)
3 The ultrafiltration method can improve the efficiency of ultrasonic homogenization in the later stage, thereby indirectly increasing the product potency.