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R & D and production building (development project construction project) elevator tender announcement

R & D and production building (development project construction project) elevator tender announcement

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1. Project Name: R & D and Production Building (Construction Project of R & D and Production Building)
2. Project Overview: The project is located at No. 35, Simiao Road, Biomedical Industrial Base, Daxing District, Beijing. The building is 112.9m long and 54.7m wide, with a basement floor, a construction area of ​​6293.39m2, three floors above ground, and a construction area of ​​21042.12m2 The total construction area is 27341.51m2. The basement floor is 5.2m high, the ground floor is 7.6m high, and the mezzanine is 3.8m high. The building height is 24m. Reinforced concrete frame structure.
3. Tender content: The tender content is the supply and installation of elevators for the R & D and production building (construction project of R & D and production building), a total of 4 units, including 1 passenger elevator with a load capacity of 1000kg; 3 freight elevators with a load capacity of 2000 ㎏.
4. Instructions for registration:
1. Units participating in the bid registration shall submit qualification materials such as business license, qualification certificate, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc. of the legal person of the enterprise, and the company ’s registered capital shall be indicated.
2. The bidder should have independent legal personality and be an elevator manufacturer or distributor authorized by the manufacturer who can provide goods, installation and services according to the tender content. The manufacturer's registration time in China should not be less than 10 years, with A -Level manufacturing qualification certificate, B-level and above installation and maintenance qualification certificate, with quality, environment and safety management system certification certificate. The proposed project manager must have relevant professional qualification certificates.
3. When submitting the application materials, the legal representative certificate or the power of attorney of the legal person, a copy of the ID card, and the contact person and contact information of the unit should be provided. The contact person should be the project leader or designated business contact person.
4. The bid inviting party will pre-examine the qualification materials submitted by the registration unit, combined with the market conditions, and will make further negotiations and exchanges after the selection.
5. Registration address and contact information: Beijing Minhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (No. 35, Simiao Road, Biomedical Industrial Base, Daxing District, Beijing) New Project Department, Contact: Mr. Wang, Ms. Fang, Tel: 010-59613667 , 59613500
6. Application deadline: 17:30, July 03, 2017
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