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Daxing District is the first municipal project approved to start construction preparation letter, which is the international industrial base of new type vaccine for human sea organisms

Daxing District is the first municipal project approved to start construction preparation letter, which is the international industrial base of new type vaccine for human sea organisms

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On June 11, 2020, Daxing District, Beijing, the first municipal project to obtain the "construction preparation letter" was approved to start construction. E company reporter learned that the project is located in Daxing District biomedical industry base of the new type of minhai biological vaccine international industrial base construction project. According to Tianyan survey, minhai biology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kangtai biological (300601), a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of human vaccines.

It is reported that the "Regulations of Beijing Municipality on optimizing business environment" will be formally implemented on April 28, 2020. According to the regulations, after obtaining the construction preparation letter, the project can carry out earthwork, slope protection, precipitation and other operations in advance, so as to effectively shorten the construction period of the project and save construction costs for construction enterprises.

At present, the construction team of minhai biological new vaccine international industrial base project has entered the construction site, and the temporary construction of the project will also rise. Xiao Qiyou, deputy general manager of minhai biology, said at the construction site: "after the implementation of the new regulations, Daxing District's housing and Urban Rural Development Committee has helped us a lot in our project, actively docking with our project, helping us prepare materials, communicating and coordinating, so that the project quickly passed the municipal construction preparation letter review meeting, and obtained the" construction preparation letter "on June 1, truly feeling the new" Regulations " Policy advantages. "

According to the data, the construction project of the international industrial base of minhai biological new vaccine was listed as the key project of Beijing in 2020 by the Beijing Municipal People's government. The project covers a total area of 135 mu, with a domestic leading new vaccine R & D center and a modern vaccine production base composed of 16 production workshops meeting the new GMP standard.

According to Kangtai biological, the construction project of the international industrial base of minhai biological new vaccine is of great significance to the development of the company and even the biomedical industry in Beijing. The project will aim to build a public service platform for biomedicine, serve for the biomedical R & D institutions and production enterprises in the biomedical base, provide development space for domestic and foreign biomedical R & D institutions, scientific and technological enterprises and overseas returned scholars; improve the biomedical real estate industry chain, form the biomedical industry cluster area, and establish the "world-class" biomedical industry, The overall image of "domestic leading".

Biomedical industry is a new economic growth point in Beijing, and it is also a new 100 billion level industry in Beijing. Through the implementation of G20 project, the large-scale development of biomedical industry has been realized. Beijing has the largest number of research institutes in the biomedical industry in China. However, the research and development of biomedicine is scattered, and it is difficult to form a joint force. Therefore, an international biomedical research institute is needed to integrate the resources of biomedical preclinical research.

At present, Daxing biomedical industry base, as a demonstration area with biomedical R & D and production as its main content, has become the exclusive development space of Beijing's biomedical industry, and has become an important frontier for the development of high-end medical and health manufacturing and science and technology service industry in the capital, and has gathered representatives of China Academy of food and drug control, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine National Drug Administration testing and drug R & D institutions, as well as leading enterprises in Tongrentang and minhai biological industries, have formed a whole industrial chain pattern covering Biopharmaceutics, traditional Chinese medicine, innovative drugs, medical devices and medical health, with a total investment of more than 50 billion yuan.

However, there are many small and medium-sized R & D enterprises, and their own conditions are difficult to fully meet the special circumstances of international pharmaceutical R & D and pilot scale test, so an international research platform is needed to provide relevant services for biomedicine. Kangtai biological believes that the international industrial base of minhai biological new vaccine can increase the brand value of "China Medicine Valley" in Daxing District.

In terms of market demand, in 2017, the global vaccine scale was 27.7 billion US dollars, and it is estimated that the global vaccine market size will reach 46.6 billion US dollars by 2024. In recent years, China's vaccine market has experienced explosive growth. In 2018, the market scale reached 35.4 billion yuan, an increase of 57.6% compared with 2017. Kangtai biology believes that with the decrease of newborns and the growth of middle-aged and elderly people, China's vaccine consumption will show explosive growth in the future.