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Minhai Biology won the commendation from the Federation of Biomedical Bases

Minhai Biology won the commendation from the Federation of Biomedical Bases

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  On the afternoon of April 11, the General Labor Union of the Pharmaceutical Base held the 2019 annual grassroots trade union chairman meeting. A total of nearly 100 trade union chairmen and union officers from more than 60 establishment companies participated in the meeting to summarize the work of the trade union in 2018 and discuss the 2019 development of.

At the meeting, the collectives and individuals with outstanding performance in 2018 were commended. A total of 11 outstanding grass-roots trade union organizations and 14 outstanding grass-roots trade union workers were commended. At the same time, the medical base was awarded to companies that successfully completed the 2018 "Ankang Cup" competition The title of the winner of the "Ankang Cup" in 2018. Wu Chengyu, secretary of the company's party branch and executive vice chairman of the trade union, shared experience on behalf of outstanding enterprises. The labor union of our company won the 2018 Outstanding Grassroots Trade Union Organization Award, the 2018 Ankang Cup Outstanding Unit Award, and Comrade Ma Hongjuan won the 2018 Outstanding Grassroots Trade Union Worker Award.




  Our company has won this honor for many years in a row, and said that in the future work, it will continue to focus on the needs of employees, relying on higher-level trade unions, and continue to do a good job in the trade unions and be a caring "nanny family".