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China's independent innovation vaccines go overseas, and China contributes to the protection of global life and health!

China's independent innovation vaccines go overseas, and China contributes to the protection of global life and health!

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  A 2016 study showed that a dollar invested in childhood vaccinations would have a return on investment of $ 44, much higher than the 1: 3 return on investment in infrastructure construction. At present, China has become the world's largest vaccine producer and has obtained huge benefits from immunization, but at the same time, according to the report released by the WHO, there is still one in ten newborns in the world who do not receive any vaccination, so As domestic vaccine products go international, while contributing to global health and safety, it also further highlights China's international image as a responsible big country.

On December 27 last year, Pakistan ’s Forum Express published a news that shocked the industry-Pakistan ’s National Institute of Health restarted the production of measles vaccine after seven years of interruption. The condensate of these batches of measles vaccine comes from China's Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is the first time that China has exported the concentrate of measles vaccine to Pakistan.
Can provide measles vaccine concentrate through Pakistan's national standards, which is a great achievement for a private enterprise with only a dozen years of history. People in the sea are down to earth, step by step, with their own actions, to realize the "Chinese dream" of the vaccine industry.
In the research and development laboratory of Minhai Biology, the development of multiple vaccines is proceeding simultaneously. Since its establishment in 2004, in a short period of more than ten years, the marine organisms have been imported from abroad, to complete independent research and development, joined the national immunization plan, and exported four vaccines developed and produced by themselves to four countries. Such a success Can not be copied casually.
The research and development of vaccines requires a long time span, and it is by no means effective to invest the day after tomorrow. Therefore, for vaccine research and development, eight years is not long, and 20 years is also very common. This is a route to disease immunity. There is no shortcut to "protecting life".
In order to cooperate with the World Health Organization's global polio eradication strategy, Minha Biotech specially introduced the Sabin strain inactivated polio vaccine production technology from abroad. For this reason, the newly introduced pipeline equipment has been basically installed and commissioned.
Eric Giraud, Senior Mechanical Engineer, PIERRE GUERIN SAS, France:
This French company has been recognized by many Chinese companies, they can be said to be the world's first in the biopharmaceutical industry.
Beijing Minhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. sIPV project leader Zhang Xianchen:
From 2014 to the present, we have carried out a lot of process research and process optimization. It turns out that each batch can produce 100,000 doses in one line, and we can now produce 400,000 doses, which is nearly four times higher.
Measles vaccine export to Pakistan does not mean that the domestic vaccine will be smooth on the road to the international market. How to be in line with international standards and meet relevant international standards is a question that every domestic vaccine company needs to consider. In addition, breaking the technical blockade, trade barriers, and even allowing our vaccines to be safely transported to their destinations through long-distance cold-sealed transportation are all the barriers our businesses need to break through.
It is not easy to connect with the world. In every negotiation, the table is full of laughter and calmness. Behind is a lot of time and energy spent on data collection, investigation, research and discussion. The signing of each agreement is full of the sincerity and emotion of all the participants, and the words that fall on the paper are valuable.
At present, China is already the world's largest vaccine producer, capable of producing more than 60 vaccines and preventing 34 diseases. This includes the world's first vaccine types such as the Ebola vaccine and the H1N1 influenza vaccine. As more and more domestic vaccines have been approved and certified by WHO, the International Health Organization, internationally-produced domestic vaccines will contribute to China's global health and safety and the fairness of vaccination.