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Farewell to the three-needle era, a new strategy for adult hepatitis B vaccine

Farewell to the three-needle era, a new strategy for adult hepatitis B vaccine

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  How much does HBV know?

People are the only host of HBV, and the population is generally susceptible. According to epidemiological investigations, there are about 93 million people with chronic HBV infection in China, and more than 50% of new cases in China are concentrated between 20 and 40 years old. Adult hepatitis B prevention is particularly important, especially for people with low immunity: men , Age, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, people with chronic diseases, etc.



  Liver protection, focus on prevention

Recommendation 4 of "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B" (2015 Edition): For those with low immune function or non-responsiveness, the vaccination dose (such as 60μg) and the number of injections should be increased; those who do not respond to the 3-vaccination procedure can be re-vaccinated 1 injection of 60μg or 3 injections of 20μg recombinant yeast hepatitis B vaccine, and test anti-HBs in the serum 1 to 2 months after the second hepatitis B vaccine, if there is still no response, another injection of 60μg recombinant yeast Hepatitis B vaccine (A1).


  Classification of adult hepatitis B vaccine

Adult hepatitis B vaccines on the market are divided into two types: 20ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and 60ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine.
Among them, the 20ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine is a normal three-needle vaccination with a vaccination period of up to 6 months. The 60ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine needs only two shots for the initial immunization, and the vaccination period is only 2 months. The low-non-responsive population receives one shot, which eliminates the problem of missing the needle to the greatest extent and quickly produces antibodies to protect.
60ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine has good effectiveness for the population of ≥16 years of normal primary immunity:



  For people who have failed the basic immunization of hepatitis B vaccine, inoculation of 60ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine can also produce good immune effects:



  Studies have shown that using the 60ug recombinant hepatitis B vaccine 0-2 vaccination procedure can quickly produce protective antibodies to the first-vaccination population and low-response population aged 16 and above.